• Rocky Mountain Ballet Academy (RMBA) participates in prestigious competitions throughout the year that provide the academy student with additional performance experience, exposure to the greater ballet community, and the opportunity to earn scholarships and ballet company contracts. 

  • Awards won by RMBA faculty and students:


  • YAGP, 2019 Semi-Finals

    3rd Place Classical and Top 12 Contemporary
    Sofia Kotlyar
    Top 12 Classical and Contemporary
    Adrian Tyukov
    Shylee Sagle
    Top 12 Classical 
    Eliza Vigoren
    Samuel Portillo

    Top 24 Classical 
    Camille Guillen
    Isabella Padilla
    Victoria Childress

    Top 12 Classical
    Graciela Portillo
    Top 12 Contemporary
    Cadey Turner
    Top 24 Classical
    Cadey Turner


    To Be Announced 
    Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes

  • WBAC, 2019 Semi-Finals

    Best School Award
    Best Teacher Award
    Alexei Tyukov
    Best Choreography Award
    Kimberly Chmielewski
    Classical and Contemporary, Boys Group A 
    1st Place, Adrian Tyukov
    Classical, Group B
    1st Place, Eliza Vigoren
    3rd Place, Camille Guillen
    Contemporary, Group B
    1st Place, Camille Guillen
    3rd Place, Eliza Vigoren
    Classical, Group C
    1st Place, Graciella Portillo
    2nd Place, Cadey Turner
    3rd Place, Abigail Phillips
    4th Place, Ella Padilla
    Contemporary, Group C
    1st Place, Graciella Portillo
    2nd Place, Cadey Turner
    3rd Place tie: Abigail Phillips and Ella Padilla
    Classical, Boys Group C
    1st Place, Sam Portillo
    2nd Place, CJ Robinson
    Contemporary, Boys Group C
    1st Place, CJ Robinson
    2nd Place, Sam Portillo
    1st Place, Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes
    2nd Place, To Be Announced
  • YAGP, 2019 Utah

    2nd Place, Classical 
    Top 12, Contemporary
    CJ Robinson
  • WBAC, 2018 Finals, Canada

    1st Place, Contemporary
    2nd Place, Classical 
    CJ Robinson
  • DBG, 2018

    Category V, 2nd Place
    Samuel Portillo
    Category II, Top 10
    Roxy Slavin
  • YAGP 2018

    Outstanding Choreographer Award
    Kim Chmielewski
    Top 12, Jr. Classical
    Roxy Slavin 
    Top 12, Jr. Contemporary 
    Roxy Slavin
    Top 24, Jr. Classical 
    CJ Robinson 
    Sam Portillo
    Top 12, P.C. Classical
    Camille Guillen
    Sofia Kotlyar 
  • YAGP, 2017

    Outstanding Teacher Award
    Maria Tyukova 
    Hope Award
    Roxy Slavin
    Top 12 Classical
    Sofia Kotlyar
  • WBAC, 2017

    1st Place, Classical
    3rd Place, Contemporary
    Roxy Slavin